Getting Deep About Deep Tissue Massage

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Getting Deep About Deep Tissue Massage

More often than not, television and movies portray someone receiving deep tissue work from a therapist named Helga, who is 5’11”, weighs 230 pounds and beats up on the client, making them scream in pain, while cracking their bones. But it is quite the opposite. Deep tissue massage is not designed to be painful, and when done correctly, a deep massage is not a “hard’ massage. Pain, if any, would be the result of your tight, overworked muscles, ligaments, and tissues releasing their holding patterns to facilitate your body’s natural healing abilities. A deep tissue massage will give longer lasting results and benefits and deeper layers of muscles will relax and lengthen.
Forget about the old saying of “no pain, no gain”, because your body does not have to hurt to heal. Many believe that if deep tissue does not hurt, then it is not working, but it is quite the opposite. When your therapist use slower strokes, more pressure, and tailors your session to your specific needs, then your massage should be relaxing and pain free to your body. Deep tissue work is less about relaxation and more centered on altering structure and muscular restrictions.

So why should you receive a deep tissue massage? Because it:

  • alleviates pain.
  • brings about better posture.
  • gives more flexibility.
  • increases fluid movement within your body.

Keep in mind that asking for a deep tissue massage, might automatically incline your therapist to inquire about any specific pains, stresses, tensions, or injuries that you may have. Many times, deep tissue is used to address and alleviate these issues. If you want to relax but want more pressure, ask your therapist to be firm, not deep. If you have any of these issues, your body will thank you later.

So go ahead; get a little deeper with some deep tissue.


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