The Benefits of Frequent Massage

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The stress of daily life can lead to tension in the muscles, and over time, illness. In essence, stress stored in the body over time is the equivalent of the body being out of balance. Massage is a wonderful investment, which will facilitate decreasing the stress, tension, pain, and in some cases, the symptoms of illness. As a massage therapist, my mission is to “touch a client’s life by bringing his/her body back into balance” from the constant bombardment of stress and negativity.
I use different techniques and methods to accommodate meeting a client’s needs based on our initial encounter/discussion about medical history, and from the feel of his/her musculature once on the table comfortably. It is my goal to ensure that a client receives the best quality experience in order to achieve the best end result… a satisfied client.
Simply put… I KNEAD you, when you NEED me!

Rolle Daryl

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