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Dapper Style & You


If every girl is crazy about a sharped dressed man, then what is taking you so long to get your act together?

Look at this dude.

This could be you.

When he walks by all the lassies stop and take a gander.


Because he looks sharp.  He probably smells really good to, and I don’t mean putting some cologne on top of a dirty body.  He had showered, shaved, and he is shining.

You could be shining too.  Let me tell you how.

Stand up and look in the mirror.  Are you happy with what you are looking at?  If you are not, then the ladies probably aren’t giving you a second thought either.

It doesn’t take a lot to look good, you just need to understand what works well on your body and how to rock some cool clothes.

Let us start with understanding how clothes should properly fit. your shoulders, your waist and of course your butt.  Sagging clothes are only okay if you have lost a bunch of weight.  Even then, it is time to either get some alterations or just get some more clothes. Look at this chart.  Study it closely.  Got it? Good!  We are moving on.

Next, let’s take a look at your body measurements.  It is okay to buy off the rack.  Don’t make a habit out it.  There are really great suits out there for what you pay for one off the rack, but you have to know your measurements. Here is a great site to get a really good suit.

This is how to know your measurements.

Great, but before we go shopping, there is a very critical aspect we have missed. The shoes. Here are the four basic shoes you should familiarize yourself with these styles to know what shoe goes with what suit and pants.




Now you are ready.  Let’s go shopping.










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Cheryl is an author, a blogger and an adult educator. Under the penname Olivia Gaines, Cheryl has authored the short story series The Bounty (2009), Vengeance (2012) and The Bounty Hunter (2013). The Slice of Life Series is new in the Olivia Gaines portfolio which includes, Two Nights In Vegas, The Perfect Man, The Basement of Mr. McGee and Letter to My Mother.


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