Skin Care 101

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Skin Care 101

       How important is your skin?  Not many people are aware that the skin is the largest organ on the body. Our skin protects all of our organs, keeps our bodies at the right temperature and aids the facilitation of touch.  Like many organs, it has to be taken care of in order to sustain you.  Just like the liver, the skin is a filtration system.  If you intake too much oil, you will see it come out through your skin.  If you consume too much alcohol, you will smell it come out through your skin.  So here is my million dollar question to you gentlemen, why are you not taking better care of yours?

As men, you are taught to not be so frilly and focus on mundane things like skin care.  You wash your face with whatever soap is in the shower, shave, slap on some aftershave which concludes your morning skin care.  What do you do for your face at night? Exactly.  You wash it and go to bed.

It is your skin. You can’t grow anymore, so here are some helpful tips to give you a new routine for skin care.  Don’t worry, we will start slow.  I don’t want your woman to think you are cheating.

In your teen years, you invested heavily in acne washes, acne pads and cleansers to remove the excess oils to minimize pimples and acne.  As you age, so does your skin, and like your taste in food and women, your skin care routine must also mature. In your twenties, there are subtle changes to your skin from exposure to the elements.  In your thirties, you can see dark spots, redness, and even the formation of laugh lines. Blackheads know no age limit and neither do pimples.

As we go through our skin care series, I will address the care of these problems individually, today, we are just going to start with the basics, washing and moisturizing. No, moisturizing does not include putting lotion on your face.  You must buy a moisturizer.  According to, Moisturizing your face on a daily basis will help promote hydration, skin cell regeneration, healing, and prevent damaging effects from external forces and weather conditions that lead to premature wrinkles, fine lines, and in extreme cases, skin cancer.  Loosely translated, it will help you look younger and feel good.

Let’s get into some basic skin care.

Dove makes a great line of products for your face and body. These are lower end on the price scale and you can buy these without raising any eyebrows.  The great thing about this product is it is a one step process. You can wash your face and body with the same product.  The only thing left would be the moisturizer after you shave.

If you have troubled skin, there are so many products out there from $5.99 to $75.00 per bottle. I like the $5.99 idea.  At your local Walmart or Wal-greens, you can get the Neutrogena line of men’s care products in a set for a mere $10! Your skin is worth that right?

Skin care products are subjective.  Just like the shelf in the bathroom with all of the products your wife or girlfriend have bought and don’t use, you have to find the right product that works for you.  You will quickly find that some may dry out your skin and others may cause your skin to become oily.  It is up to you, but you must start somewhere.

It is the first step to learning to love the skin you are in.


 Note: Dapper and Company does not endorse any of the listed products.

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  1. Carol  September 2, 2013

    I am picking up some of this Dove for my husband and son today!

  2. Ruben  November 7, 2013

    The Dove Mens Care line works great for me! Ive been using it for a few months now.

    • Rolle Daryl
      Dapper Grooming  April 15, 2014

      Ruben, we also carry a great brand in-house called Woody’s Grooming. They have a great body soap as well.


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