Stepping Up Your Game

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Stepping Up Your Game

Last week, the girls and I hit the town for ladies nights.  Of our small gaggle, only two of the geese were single. The remainder of us were hoping to live vicariously through the actions and reactions of our friends. I went out to be entertained and instead, I found myself being educated.  Educated on what a single woman find appealing a man. Gentlemen, please take note.

If you have ever attempted to introduce your friends to a lady that looked okay, not fine, not sexy, just okay, you will understand where I am going with this.  The first trait that you present as a selling point is: “She is real nice.”  Your second selling point is: “She has a great personality.”  You never quite make it to the third selling point because your friend assumes she is ugly. The lady may not be unattractive, just in need of a makeover.

On our girls night out, I saw plenty of men being shot down simply because they too, were in need of a makeover. I even made the mistake of saying to one of our single friends, “he seems nice.”  I was politely told that in ten years, she would be willing to wake up to nice, right now, Mr. Nice Guy, was finishing last.  Would you like to know why?  His personal grooming.

I am not going to say the gentleman had a uni-brow, but it did appear as if two caterpillars were crawling across his forehead.  His shoes were out of style, the pants were dated and the shirt, should have been given to Goodwill years ago.  I felt bad for him as well as the six others that approached our table. At the end of the night, it doesn’t matter if you are single or married, to feel good about yourself, you must step up your game.

According to, the first step in a male makeover starts with your hair.  If you have been rocking the same style since 1997, it is time to make a real change. This includes facial hair.  If your facial hair has room for leftovers from lunch, it is time to see your barber. The same concept can be applied to excess body hair.  No one wants to snuggle with Chewbacca; well, I take that back, some girls like ‘em hairy. Not too much though, especially if it protrudes out of your clothing.

Speaking of clothing, take off that Polo, tee shirt, hoodie or any other lounge wear.  A polo shirt is fine, if you are playing golf or polo, otherwise, you are a grown man, get a shirt with some buttons.  I am not suggesting that you throw out your entire closet, but you can make wise choices and add a new piece or two each pay day.  Just like women, men wait for sales as well.  If you are not a shopper, enlist a personal team.  Your sister or cousin are always willing to help and have probably been waiting for you to ask.

It’s time for a new you. Pick up the phone, and call a friend. Let’s step up your game.


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Cheryl is an author, a blogger and an adult educator. Under the penname Olivia Gaines, Cheryl has authored the short story series The Bounty (2009), Vengeance (2012) and The Bounty Hunter (2013). The Slice of Life Series is new in the Olivia Gaines portfolio which includes, Two Nights In Vegas, The Perfect Man, The Basement of Mr. McGee and Letter to My Mother.