Style on a budget

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Style on a budget

Ozwald Boateng, owner of a self-titled bespoke tailor brand, and the first black tailor on Savile Row once said, “Dressing well on a budget is about what we call, ‘strategic shopping.’ Spot what you like and then be first in the queue when the sale comes. Be patient enough to rummage through the rails. Sort your basics out and then save up for the key pieces. Make sure you always spend money on shoes, though.”

Many men are unaware that dressing well does not have to come with an expensive price tag. However, clothes, at least suits, dress shoes, and ties ought to be considered an investment. There are many stores where a man on a budget can acquire affordable, quality clothing.

Sometimes, one can find great shirting at a secondhand shop. A great made-to-measure suit can be purchased for under $500, which may seem like a lot, but considering that you will look like a million dollars, it is well worth it.

Then there are the dress shoes. There is no way around it. Quality shoes can be pricey. Look for shoes that have what is called a Goodyear welt construction. It may mean forgoing those $200 basketball shoes, but unless your last name is James, Durant, or Bryant, you would be better of dressing like an owner rather than an athlete.


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