Tips and Pitfalls of Hair Coloring

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Both men and women use hair color to either make themselves look younger (getting rid of the grey) or to change up their appearance. Hair coloring in itself is a safe process, however, if done in excess this can cause problems in the overall health and appearance of the hair.


Using hair color chemicals regularly will not only weaken the hair but also damages the overall appearance, leaving it dull and dry.


Many people are unaware of the effects of constant chemical processing. If the hair is not completely rinsed following a color, traces left on the hair can create problems including dandruff and damaged ends. If the ends of the hair are damaged, this makes adding body to the hair in the styling process difficult.


When coloring at home, it is important to use a moisturizer and conditioner on the hair. There are various conditioners that are formulated to promote healthy hair as well as combat dryness. But whether you are getting hair color treatments in the salon or at home, always remember it should be done occasionally.


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